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-logarithm transformation (necessary ONLY for P-value data)
Select mapping rules of SNPs->genesAnnotation Notes
500kb upstream and downstream of gene
100kb upstream and downstream of gene
20kb upstream and downstream of gene 5kb upstream and downstream of gene
within gene functional SNP (nonsynonymous, stop gained/lost, frame shift, essential splice site, regulatory region)
Gene set database Gene Set Notes
canonical pathways    GO biological process    GO molecular function    GO cellular component   

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Options for gene set database

Limit gene sets by keyword (e.g. immune). The keyword can be gene name (e.g. CD4)

Keyword: include    exclude

Number of genes in gene set

    Minimum (typical 5-20):
Maximum (typical 200-inf):

Mask MHC/xMHC region

NO    mask MHC    mask xMHC   

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